Enemies Shoot Towards Face, Would Like to have them Shoot to Chest

So as the title states, when I get into range of my enemies, they shoot. That works perfectly fine, except for the fact that the bullets travel along a 45 degree angle by the looks of it and that’s aimed at my head when I first get into range. The bullet continues to fire at the same angle and even the same direction. So it might be shooting in my direction, but when I jump to the other side of it, the bullet angle and direction does not change and it stays the exact same. This is my bullet code for finding the direction:

direction = PlayerScript.pPos - transform.position;

Which is put into the update function. Then when the player is in range, I call my Shoot function, and this is how I fire the bullet:

var firedbullet = Instantiate(bullet,transform.Find("EnemyBulletSpawn").position, Quaternion.Euler(direction.normalized));

I had the shooting working in another script, but I ran into a few problems, so I started cleaning it up and rewriting it. This shooting code is the exact same as the other one, but doesn’t work like the other one does. Any help is very greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone.

You could use transform.LookAt(target) to make the bullets always move in the direction you want