Enemies using navmesh are bumping each other through solid objects

I have a bunch of enemies in my level all moving around it using navmeshes. There are solid doors in the level that the enemies normally stop at when they are closed and in the way of the navmesh–the doors are not considered part of the navmesh as they are not static and can automatically open and close if the player is next to them–but when a bunch of enemies all navigate next to the same door, they are knocking the front-most enemies through the door, usually one at a time, so enemies are basically popping out of solid door structures that are actually locked closed.

Do you know what might be causing that issue and how to fix it?

Note: This is only happening with the doors, which are much thinner than any other objects in the game like the walls and pillars.

Use the Nav Mesh Obstacle component, it is useful for non-static objects that move in the scene. I do not recommend putting them on any object that has an agent attached to it as it acts strange and it is very preformace costly