enemy aggro region definitive answer

hi ive been looking around for a good solution for implementing a region around an enemy, that the player must enter to aggro the enemy and begin the enemys attack function.

Ive seen stuff with trigger colliders on a child object of the enemy and using sendmessage. ive seen a ray suggestion.

I want to know, what is the proper way of implementing something like this in unity. thanks.

For my particular enemy, i want it to charge in a straight line directly at the point of aggression, i dont know how that would change the implementation or not…

So Raycasts are quite expensive, so normally you would only do them if a range check or Trigger indicated the then enemy was likely to be able to attack. If your enemy’s desire to attack is based on line of sight then you will need to do a raycast or maybe a capsule cast to see if the player is reachable. Doing that for all enemies all of the time is a waste though, so I would combine it with a collider as that at least let’s you visualise the area of attack.