Enemy AI cant turn around , Invector without FSM

SO i copy n paste the Ai that can turn , and when i press play he cant yet he is a copy and paste it worked 5 times and now he is the sixth one , i changed the ground texture that all , now when i copy n paste my invector AIs without FSM ( its crazy to pay 75$ then have to pay 45 for the Ai ,) i just want them to chase kill and be killed .

with the regular AI they chase and take damage i just cant get the life bar to show but i dont even care .

I just want the Copy n pasted AI’s to be able to turn around and face the character , it worked 5 times and i changed the ground texture and added trees thats it …

Does anyone know how to make the Ai’s turn around ?

All 5 copy n pasted work its just any new ai’s copy n pasted dont turn around with invector .