Enemy behavior help

So my enemy behavior is working correctly, but my problem is the enemy doesn’t have collision or gravity. I have tried adding colliders and rigidbody physics to the enemy, but no matter what she still doesn’t have gravity or collision.
I have also tried using SimpleMove instead of transform but with that, the enemy just stayed in place.

I can collide with her with the script disabled.

Here is my script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class EnemyBehavior : MonoBehaviour
    public enum EnemyState{IDLE = 0, WALK = 1, RUN = 2, ATTACK = 3, KILL = 4};
    public AnimationClip enemyIdle;//setting animations
    public AnimationClip enemyWalk;//walking
    public AnimationClip enemyRun;//running/chasing
    public AnimationClip enemyAttack;//attacking player
    public AnimationClip enemyKill;//killing player
    public Transform Player;//adds the player to the script
    private int Stopped = 0;
    public int WalkingSpeed = 1;//sets the normal walking speed
    public int RunningSpeed = 5;//sets the running (chase player) speed
    public int DefaultRunningSpeed = 5;
    public int MaxDist= 8;//maximum distance the player can be before enemy stops chasing the player
    public int MinDist= 1;//how close the player can be to enemy for enemy to start chasing player
    public EnemyState currentState;
    private bool PlayerDetected;
    void Update()
       if(Vector3.Distance(transform.position,Player.position) <= MaxDist)//if that object has the tag "Player"
         PlayerDetected = true;
         if (PlayerDetected)
          print ("Player Detected.");
          transform.LookAt(Player);//Looks at the player
          currentState = EnemyState.RUN;
            transform.position += transform.forward*RunningSpeed*Time.deltaTime;//follows the player
       }else if(Vector3.Distance(transform.position,Player.position) > MaxDist)
         RoamAround ();
       if (Vector3.Distance (transform.position,Player.position) < MinDist)
         currentState = EnemyState.ATTACK;
         Attack ();
       if (currentState == EnemyState.IDLE)
         //print ("The enemy is idle.");
         animation.CrossFade (enemyIdle.name);
       else if (currentState == EnemyState.WALK)
         print ("The enemy is walking.");
         animation.CrossFade (enemyWalk.name);
       else if (currentState == EnemyState.RUN)
         print ("The enemy is running.");
         print ("Distance: " + Vector3.Distance(transform.position,Player.position));
         animation.CrossFade (enemyRun.name);
         RunningSpeed = DefaultRunningSpeed;
       else if (currentState == EnemyState.ATTACK)
         print ("The enemy is attacking.");
         animation.CrossFade (enemyAttack.name);
         RunningSpeed = Stopped;
       else if (currentState == EnemyState.KILL)
         print ("The enemy is killing.");
         animation.CrossFade (enemyKill.name);
    void RoamAround()
       currentState = EnemyState.IDLE;//Add other RoamAround stuff here
    public void Attack()
       //Add attacking stuff here
       //Application.LoadLevel ("GameOver");

What can I do to this script to fix this problem?

Setting transform.position will always override physics settings.

To use physics you need

  • RigidBody.AddForce
  • RigidBody.MovePosition
  • RigidBody.Velocity
  • Or use animations to move your character and check the animate physics button.