Enemy collisions

hi i am making a call of duty zombie game for fun.
but i have a problem with the zombies collisions.
they cant move close to eachother and because of that they get stuck on doors etc.
i cant find any helpfull information on the internet about it s maybe someone here can help me out?

Ok. So why can’t they move close to each other? Also, what are you using to move them, as in what type of AI?

Let me see if I understood your problem, you have lots os zombies and they collide with each other. You have a correct size for the colliders, but want to avoid this collision between zombies?

I’m not that familiar with 3D development so I may be wrong, but you can add a layer for zombies, and set your zombies prefabs to that layer. Then, go to Edit > Project Settings > Physics. There, at the bottom of the inspector, you will have a triangular set of checkboxes and you have to uncheck the one that says “Zombie/Zombie”, and this will make the collisions on the zombie layer ignore other zombies.

You should check agent settings. It might be the cause of the distance problem. The reason i’m asking for this is that i suspect your zombies have too big of a hitbox/perimeter. It’s like visually they look like zombies, but data wise, they are like 5 ton trucks. So of course they can’t go trough doors and narrow passages. If that is the case, the cause of the distance between zombies and them being stuck should be the same.

Edit : @DrekerboyStudio I was wondering why you were updating the agen’t path all the time. Try this on for size :

 void Update()
            float distance = Vector3.Distance(target.position, transform.position);

            if (distance <= lookRadius)
                if (target.position != agent.destination || !agent.hasPath)

                if (distance <= agent.stoppingDistance)
                    //Attack the target

This way, the zombies should only change pathing if the player is in the range and the zombie isn’t moving towards the player.

check the collider setting and if you are using nav path make sure it is all blue where it(your zombie) is stuck.