Enemy Damage and health Script like DLG and leonardotry

How do I make a Health/Damage script with bullet marks (Decal)for my enemies like Drunken Lizard Games or leonardotry? I’ve been searching for more than a week on multiple search engines, the forum, answers, and even YouTube. I’m intermediate for scripting, but I can’t make a health script, or even a script with enemy health. I have an enemy AI if you want it, but it’s only for following. cheers… :smiley: :smiley:
I’ve Figured it out thanks for all the negative support ! I’ve also made a movie with your Username(s) in the credits

Ok,now here is just a bit of code to help you get started.
`var enemyhealth : in = 100;
var playerhealth : int = 100;

function update (){
if (enemyhealth = 0)
Debug.Log (“I think It’s dead,Better shoot it some more to be sure”);


Now I have not made a health script in some time and did not test this one so I don’t know If I did it right(I think so,)

This may not help you much but you should take a look at the Decal System by Edelweiss Interactive.
That should help you with your “bullet marks.”