Enemy Database using list/dictionary to store stats (C#)?

How can I use a list or dictionary to store all of the enemy’s stats? I have been searching through unity’s documentation for a very long time, and found nothing. I am trying to create a real-time battle system, where up to 5 enemies can be in battle at once, each of them is also previously seen outside of battle, meaning there will have to be some kind of enemy queue (not actually sure if this part involves a dictionary or not). More importantly, I want to be able to store all of the battle information and stats in a dictionary or list, and when the player comes in contact with the enemy gameobject, it initiates a battle using a specified index in the dictionary to keep track of, and separate stats. There will probably be a variety of enemies in battles with more than one. I am not asking anyone to program the entire system, but if you know anything about this topic, it would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

If you’re trying to create a data object to store lists of creatures and stats, I’d recommend doing so using a Scriptable Object. Here’s the official Unity docs: Unity - Scripting API: ScriptableObject

And here’s a tutorial I found useful that you could use as a base to create a similar data structure for your own game: http://www.jacobpennock.com/Blog/unity-pro-tip-use-custom-made-assets-as-configuration-files/