Enemy following the target with ITween

I'm trying make the enemys follow my player (the "alvo" target object in script), but the behaviour is odd...

alt text

The code:

public void Perseguir()
    if (avistou == false) return;
    if (estado != InimigoEstado.ieCorrendo)
        estado = InimigoEstado.ieCorrendo;
    iTween.LookTo(gameObject, alvo.transform.position, 0.4f);
    iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, Vector3.forward, 2f);

Some idea ?

I am not an iTween user, but from the method name (MoveTo), it sounds you should pass the position it should move to, not the direction it should move to.

iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, alvo.transform.position, 2f);

Or if it does need a direction, maybe you need transformed forward direction?

iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, transform.forward, 2f);

If you function is getting called multiple times then multiple iTween scripts are going off at the same time. Make sure that function is only getting called once.