Enemy help!

From the asset store I got the Ice Golem pack. This pack has given me the character and animations, but I can’t get it to move. Can somebody help me please?

In the Unity menu: Assets → Import Package → Standard Assets, you will find a FollowTransform script.

// FollowTransform.js
// Penelope iPhone Tutorial
// FollowTransform will follow any assigned Transform and 
// optionally face the forward vector to match for the Transform
// where this script is attached.

#pragma strict

var targetTransform : Transform;		// Transform to follow
var faceForward : boolean = false;		// Match forward vector?
private var thisTransform : Transform;

function Start()
	// Cache component lookup at startup instead of doing this every frame
	thisTransform = transform;

function Update () 
	thisTransform.position = targetTransform.position;
	if ( faceForward )
		thisTransform.forward = targetTransform.forward;