Enemy is not moving to player with A* pathfinding

I have my player moving perfectly the way I want to but I must be missing some component on my enemy. My enemy is not a seeker like the player and the script for the enemy movement is basic movement. Do I have to have both the enemy and the player to have A* pathfinding scripts or is there another way to solve it?

the only code that matters for now is:
Enemy.transform.Translate(new Vector3(1.0f,0,0));

I assume you are using A* Pathfinding Project

Everyone who are going to use pathfinding needs a seeker component. And a script that actually moves it along the path. Like the sample script provided named AIPath
The sample script works with CharacterController or Rigidbody. It even falls back to moving the transform directly if it does not have either.

I recommend following this guide Get Started With The A* Pathfinding Project - A* Pathfinding Project