Enemy not moving

I just fixed one error now there none but when i hitplay enmy dosent move so i dd a rigbody and it still dont move here is a photo of me by the enemy aand its not moving and also i included the script.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Enemy : MonoBehaviour {
	public Transform target;
	public int moveSpeed;
	public int rotationSpeed;
	public int maxdistance;
	private Transform myTransform;
	void Awake()
		myTransform = transform;

	void Start ()
		maxdistance = 2;

	void Update () {
		if (Vector3.Distance(target.position, myTransform.position) > maxdistance) {
			// Get a direction vector from us to the target
			Vector3 dir = target.position - myTransform.position;
			// Normalize it so that it's a unit direction vector
			// Move ourselves in that direction
			myTransform.position += dir * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
		//Add close for Update
	//And close class

It looks like target has not been assigned.

See the error message in your console.

UnassignedReferenceExemption - The variable target of Enemy has not been assigned.