Enemy rigidbody and bullet collisions

as the title suggests, the enemies in my game have rigidbodies attached.

Firing a bullet against enemies make them spin and bounce away (obviously, it’s a space game and there’s no drag at all) but I’d like to avoid that behaviour. I can’t set enemies to Kinematic because, as I said, I need forces to have effect on them, but at the same time I don’t want them to bounce away after a bullet collision.

How can I avoid or at least minimize that effect?

I was thinking to set them to Kinematic just when collision happens, then immediately switch back to non kinematic, but I’m not sure of the final result… In that short (1 frame) moment, every force would stop having effects on the enemy, movement included, and I guess it would be bad.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Have a nice sunday.

I thought in two solutions:

1-You can make the collider of your bullet a trigger, if you need a physic collider in your bullet for some reason you will need to use layer masks to make the Enemy only receive the trigger collider.
2-You can save the current velocity value of your enemies every frame, so when they get hited you apply the value on them, something like this:

Vector2 currentVel;
if(hited == false)currentVel = rb.velocity;
else rb.velocity = currentVel;