Enemy saving multiple defeats

I’m making a turn based RPG and after you defeat an enemy and get experience and money, it sets you back in the overworld. I want it to be like pokemon where after you beat the enemy and you try to talk to them they say something to you, and they wont battle you again. Now that is easy if you have one of the same enemy you would do this:

static var isDead = false;
var battleDone = false;

if(battleDone == true) {

      isDead = true;


And then you would save it in the playerprefs.
But what if you copy the same enemy to reuse it to save time and resources. You can’t use this system because all of the scripts on all the same types of enemies are the same. It would set “isDead” to true for all of the same enemies. So how can you do this, I’m sure there’s a way were you don’t have to make new scripts for every enemy.

Thanks for your help!

why are u making isDead a static a value ?

also if u have multiple enemies and want to save them and reload them, u need to somehow pass an id to them to make them unique objects using the same script.

you can or make a public id and assign it from the inspector, or u can have a enemies list of some sorts that keeps track of id’s and starting positions then all u do is save info as enemy+id in playerpref to load if they dead or not