Enemy Script

Hello, so listen I dont have much knowlege with c++ and java script but could u pls tell me step by step (or if u can write script so i can copy it :P) how to make enemy follow u as u collect more objects (i have object collecting script :P) pls help it would mean much to me

P.S it mabe sounds like Slender game but it’s not, and i dont have anything to do with that only my personal gameplay…

Transform.LookAt combined with Transform.Forward should be a starting point for making something follow you. You are not being descriptive at all with the rest of what you want.

It would be better in the long run if you followed some tutorials to get an understanding of the language first. Also, Unity doesn’t use C++ or Java, Unity uses C# (C Sharp) and Unityscript.

Some of this might be outdated, but there is a ton of resources for you to look at.

Click Here

I know it doesn’t answer the question, but help yourself. The internet is pritty much an infinite source of information and the digging has already been done for you.