enemy waypoints and detection scipting

hey guys im really stuck with getting script for my enemies and in new to unity so i dont have a clue how to write my own script yet. i simply want the enemies to go from waypoint to waypoint and then follow me when im in range. cant find anything anywhere that works without errors etc :( all help is very appreciated

If you don't have a clue how to write your own script yet, it's probably best that you simply put some time in learning to program in unity from the ground up. Then you'll be able to understand the scripts that you're trying to use, and you'll be on your way to being able to understand why some of the errors are occuring.

If you have specific questions about the enemy script that you're writing, you'll need to break your problem down in more detail, and perhaps post the script so we can see what might be wrong.

Definitely agree with the first poster on learning more basic scripting before you delve too much deeper.

But if you'd like to do both at the same time (learn basic scripting and address waypoints) try out the FPS shooter tutorial. Doesn't go into much detail on how the waypoints work, but it does give you the scripts so you can work through them yourself.