Ennemy spawn in sky

Here’s my problem im currentely spawning ennemies which are in a prefab in my scene…
I can spawn them, everything works but somehow they spawn in the air which isn t realistic…(Not that a spawning system is realistic but yeah )

What i’d like them to do is just spawn on the ground and not falling from the sky to the ground … Is that possible ? Do i have to use something else then Instantiate?

You have to check if your object is not inside a collider, otherwise it will flip out and thus causing to spawn in the air. Second thing you might wanna do is create a script for the prefab that checks the distance from the ground on start up (start function), you can do this with a raycast. Then check if the distance is to far, position it to the hit.position (Y?). This way your objects will get snapped to the ground on first frame of spawn. this should roughly work, but just as robertbu said, without an example code it is all guessing.