Entering/exiting vehicles

Hello i have been trying to use a system for entering and exiting vehicles.
I used one from another posthttp://answers.unity3d.com/questions/51051/vehicle-enterexit-system-for-first3rd-person-.html followed everything and still didn’t work
This is the code i use i attached it to the door trigger i created a exit point i changed the tags i made a vehicle tag. When i play it say’s something is up with the input but i am not sure what to call the button.
Thanks any help is really appreciated

var car : Transform;
var player : Transform;
var exitPoint : Transform;
var doorTriggerLeft : Transform;
var PlayerCamera : Camera;
var CarCamera : Camera;
var isPlayerVisible : boolean;

function Update(){
    if (Input.GetButtonUp("e")&& isPlayerVisible){
        // make player invisible and still standing
        player.gameObject.active = false;
        // parent player to Exit Point
        player.parent = exitPoint.transform;
        player.transform.localPosition = Vector3(-1.5,0,0);
        // parent PlayerParent to car
        exitPoint.parent = car.transform;
        exitPoint.transform.localPosition = Vector3(-0.5,0,0);
        // Enable Car as controllabe object
        PlayerCamera.enabled = false;
        CarCamera.enabled = true;
    if (Input.GetKeyUp("r")){
        // make character visible again
        player.gameObject.active = true;
        // unparent player from everything
        player.transform.parent = null;
        // parent Exit Point to door Trigger
        exitPoint.parent = doorTriggerLeft.transform;
        // disable car as controllable
        PlayerCamera.enabled = true;
        CarCamera.enabled = false;


function OnTriggerEnter(Player : Collider) {
    isPlayerVisible = true;

function OnTriggerExit(Player : Collider) {
    isPlayerVisible  = false;

Your input calls for a button down, then it wants a string input, instead you want it to check a specific key. Try using Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.E) instead.

Or use Input.GetButtonDown(“Action”) and then add the input “Action” in the input manager.