Entire project suddenly not working

I’ve been building a game for the past few months. When going to open a scene to do some work on it this morning, almost the entire scene was missing, besides some colliders and a few spheres. The terrain and all the assets in the scene were missing. The entire asset library was still there with everything in it, and the hierarchy still listed everything that was originally in the scene, but nothing was visible, and all the scripts that were attached to the objects in the scene were missing when I selected an object in the hierarchy. I have no idea what is causing this.

Assuming that you are using Windows…

This could be due to virus in your system so please go to unity’s folder and check if the virus made everything super hidden…if yes then just use google to download a super hidden disable tool and you are done…Hope this will work for you…

I guess you moved the assets outside of Unity to another folder or renamed a folder outside of Unity. What ever you do to files in your asset folder, do it inside Unity’s Project panel. If you move / rename / delete something in the explorer Unity will loose the connection. Unity can’t track if an item has been renamed or moved.

When you move an asset in the explorer, from Unity’s point of view the asset has disappeared and a new asset has been added at the new position. All connections inside the AssetDatabase will break since it’s no longer the same asset.

If you rename a folder it affects all assets inside it. It’s the same as if you removed all those assets and readded them.

Actually there’s nothing you can do except load a backup … If you didn’t make backups of a few month project then you’ve just learned it the hard way.

In the company i work i usually do a backup every day. In addition i use a local Assetserver to store my projects (but mainly use it to transfer a project to our mac for iOS building). To use an AssetServer you need Unity pro or an AssetServer client license with is included in the Team License.

Good luck.

Something very simple happened to me, what I did was navigated to my project folder, made a backup of the Library folder, then deleted it and let Unity rebuild the project. This put everything back to it’s original state. See if it works for you.

This happened to me before, and I used Assets > Reimport All and it came back.

Assets > Reimport All and it came back , thank u