Entities not rendering on Linux build

Hello, Ive reached the end of my sanity trying to render entities on my Linux build. Im on Unity 2020.3 LTS and the latest packages for Entities, Hybrid Rendered ect. Im in the URP example scene with a cube containing a convertToEntity component and im also testing EntityManager.Instantiate, both work in the editor but not the build. please help



AHHHH I had Vulkan off

@francois85 Could you please post here how to fix it? I am having the same problem and I hate dual-booting to windows just to have it working :/

Make sure you use Vulkan graphic api in your settings.

To be more clear, this is under Edit > Preferences > Player > Other Settings > Rendering and then un-check "Auto Graphics API for Linux" and then move Vulkan to the top and the IDE will restart.

(Although this didn't fix the issue for me.)