Entity MeshInstanceRenderer Render Layers

I'm only assuming that all the entities rendered via the MeshInstanceRenderer are all on the same render layer at the moment and the ability to change which layer will come later yes?

This is just a guess as the question regarding Material Property blocks was answered with "later" :)

The drawing code uses ```
Graphics.DrawMeshInstanced(renderer.mesh, renderer.subMesh, renderer.material, m_MatricesArray, length, null, renderer.castShadows, renderer.receiveShadows);

If there is a place for this data it would easily be in MeshInstanceRenderer and I think it is not difficult for Unity team to add it. (compared to material property block which should require some workflow considerations) But if you need it now it is just a matter of adding one additional int and make your own MeshInstanceRenderer component, copy the drawing code from MeshInstanceRendererSystem.cs and append that int to the arguments.