Enum instead of numbers in arrays

I want to use ENUM as a way to make reading easier as I pass alot of parameters using arrays as argument for my function.

    //inside the class
    	enum eLimits { 
    		EntropyMinimum = 0, 
    	private struct virusLimits
    		private double		entropyMin;
    		private double 		entropyMax;
    		private double		stabilityMin;
    		private double		stabilityMax;
    		private double		chewedFilesFrequeny;
    		public virusLimits ( double [] args) {
     //removed lots of things to make it shorter
    				entropyMin = args[eLimits.EntropyMinimum];
    				entropyMax = args[eLimits.EntropyMaximum];
    				stabilityMin = args[eLimits.StabilityMinimum];
    				stabilityMax = args[eLimits.StabilityMaximum];
    				chewedFilesFrequeny = args[eLimits.ChewedFrequency];
    //continues the code

The result I always get is “error CS0266: Cannot implicitly convert type PetBehaviourScript.vStatus' to int’. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)” for each and every time I try to use enum as a number for the array… Is there a way to do it?

You can cast an enum to an int, or use Convert.ToInt32(value)

You can also make extension implicit casts, but I doubt that its worth the effort.