Enum to value table/array for editor

Is there a simple way of using an enum in a MonoBehavior class to show up in the editor as a table where I can assign values to each element for game object individually?

let’s say my enum:

enum types{

And then in the unity editor I would like to have something like:

                          //My assigned values inserted by editor
/*my enum names*/ WATER -> [20]
                  LAVA  -> [30]
                  GRASS -> [5]
                  SAND  -> [10]

By value I don’t mean the actual Enum item value. It’s more in the sense of coupling separate values to an item.

Hi you cant do that with an enum.to understand enum easily go here

You can get that by using class

Here is an JavaScript example

class Types{
var Water:float;
var Lava:float;
 var Grass:float; 
var Sand:float;