Enums with multiple values

I am a second year student and this week I got to find out how awesome Enums are. I applied basic Enum to unity for my walking modes on the AI, which is:

enum walkMode { PATROL, LOOP, REACH }

But because of how Patrol works - go there and come back - I will have to increment or decrement the current pathnode ID accordingly. I would like to create something like an Enum with two fields. That is, something like that below:

enum walkMode { PATROL, LOOP, REACH 

I have no idea how to write it in. I am using javascript. Is this even possible, or am I trying to break javascript?

My nodes are an array of GameObject cubes with colors invisible to in-game camera.

Enum values are atomic, so to achieve what you’re after, you either need two enums:

enum walkMode { PATROL, LOOP, REACH };
enum direction { INCREMENTAL, DECREMENTAL };

Or, you make each member of the enum represent both a mode and direction: