Equal lighting throughout scene

A little background:
My scene has one level at 0 and one level at -15. The level at 0 is well lit and has shadows at a 45 degree angle. The level at -15 has a shadow laying on it from the level at 0 and it is dark. Pitch black. I am using a Directional light, Type Directional, Baking Realtime, Color FFF4D6FF, Shadow Type Soft Shadows.

What I would like:
I would like to have an even light throughout my scene, regardless of which height level my player is on.

How do I set the light so that it is easy to see, I don’t need shadows, on all levels in the scene?


Select all of your light sources and under the Shadow Type option in the inspector, set it to “None”. Then go into the lighting window (Window->Lighting) and adjust the ambient light to what you want.