Erratic movement problem

Not sure if there is another question about this problem, i’ve recently decided to try out Unity, though when i loaded the demos on the site i noticed that the camera was spinning and when i move the mouse it would position back and keep spinning. it gave similar problems on each demo that uses the mouse. Then I downloaded unity, opened the angrybots demo, compiled it under windows and windows 64bit, on both i had a problem where the character would just keep moving left of the screen. I’m not sure what is wrong. I’m running a dual core system with 4gb ram, radeon 4670hd and win 7. I tested the demos on the site with chrome and firefox and download the player as well. Anyone know what might be wrong?

Wild guess here:
you have a joystick and/ or joypad and/ or alternative pointing system other than the mouse.
In this case, it might be a “simple” calibration problem.
Under edit=>project settings=>input you’ll notice that joysticks have predefined axes for them.
To fix: delete the joystick axes from the input menu, or calibrate them properly.

Ok thank you, I will try it. Don’t own any joysticks or other pointing devices. Maybe it could be a clash with music midi devices, not sure if it would pick it up.