Error Accessing Other Script's Variables

#pragma strict

var aEnemy : Transform;

var playerCharacter : GameObject;
playerCharacter = GameObject.Find("First Person Controller");

var script;
script = playerCharacter.GetComponent(PlayerControl);

var notesReceive : float = 0;
notesReceive = script.notes;

function OnTriggerEnter(other : Collider){

	if( == "First Person Controller"){
		script.notes += 1;

In my game, once the player reaches an objective, the global score is supposed to go up. In a script attached to a different object, there is a static var, notes. However, it doesn’t seem to be changeable by other objects. I know asking this simple question may make me look like an idiot, but I must learn. The error is:
Assets/Scripts/CollectB.js(14,23): BCE0019: ‘notes’ is not a member of ‘Object’. However, this is repeated 3 more times throughout the script wherever the word “notes” is used…

I have tried working on this for hours on end, with different errors each time. I finally decided just to ask the community. Thanks to anyone who helps :slight_smile:

You’re accessing an instance of PlayerControl when you call script.notes. You need to add your value to PlayerControl.notes.