error BCE0022: Cannot convert error, please help

Hello all,

I’m relatively new to Unity & could use some help. I’ll try to be as specific & concise as possible…

I have a pathNode.js script that has the following:

enum PathInstruction{moveLeft=0, moveRight=1, moveStop=2, jumpAir=3}

var pathInstruction = PathInstruction.moveStop;    

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider)

	if(other.tag == "enemy")

		print("Goomba's here");

On a separate enemyGumba.js, I am trying to call pathInstruction & assign it to my gumbaState with the following lines:

enum GumbaState{moveLeft=0, moveRight=1, moveStop=2, jumpAir=3, enemyDie=4, goHome=5}
/*basic movements*/
var gumbaState = GumbaState.moveLeft;
function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider)
	/*when gumba collides with pathNode*/
	if(other.tag == "pathNode")
		var linkToPathNode = other.GetComponent(pathNode);
		gumbaState = linkToPathNode.pathInstruction;

but- I am getting the error: BCE0022: Cannot convert ‘PathInstruction’ to ‘GumbaState’.
What can I do to correct this, do I need to instantiate gumbaState in a Start function?

Thanks in advance,

I did checks to make sure I’m able to get data from ‘pathNode.js’ & I am able to get the necessary data.

I just can’t assign it to the other variable…

Does anyone know why this is?

thanks again…

anyone have any thoughts???

I am having a similar issue with that lab have you had any results?