Error building Player: Exception: android (invokation failed)

I tried to build my project with Android. I have already install the latest version of java, JDK and android-sdk-windows. I got this error:

Error building Player: Exception: android (invokation failed)
ERROR: unknown error
cmd:android list target -c

  android [global options] list target [action options]

Global options:
  -v --verbose  Verbose mode: errors, warnings and informational messages are printed.
  -h --help     Help on a specific command.
  -s --silent   Silent mode: only errors are printed out.

Action "list target":
  Lists existing targets.
  No options
Error: Flag '-c' is not valid for 'list target'.

Please can someone help me:( I really need to fix that
Thanks in advance!

Android is a little tricky to get up and running. long story short, you may need to downgrade your sdk tools to r21. I made a video describing the steps I took to successfully set up my Android environment: Android Setup Video