Error building Player: SystemException: 'System.Net.Sockets' are supported only with Unity Android Pro. Referenced from assembly 'SmartFox2'.

Last Night I downloaded the latest version of unity3d and I own the indie droid license. I was building fine before the download and now I get this error. did unity just restrict the sockets for droid indie? I was in the middle of a client’s app. please advise!

Same problem for me. Not happy. searched for and in assets in files in folder. I’d been previously trying out sqllite with unity. As far as I can see the sqllite client dll reference because it started building again when I removed it. Obviously this seems to be the problem with smartfox aswell. Since it’s an MMO server it’s no surprise it’s using sockets.

Annoying to be honest. Means the free version is much more limited.