Error building Player with six plugins in Unity - failed to recompile android resource files. Some help, please?

I’m developing a game for Android using Unity 4.6.2f1. I have a lot of plugins in my project:

-Google Mobile Ads (Admob)
-Soomla Store - For In App Purchases
-Google Play Game Services → THE PROBLEM

All worked fine until I added Google Play Games Service package in Unity and I made a build. Firstly, I got JavaClassDefNotFound and I supposed that the problem is with the multiple Manifest files that call same classes. I deleted the small ones and I integrated all the Manifest code in only one file, but now I get this error and I don’t know how to handle it:


Some help, please?

this might be a late reply for your post, but i had a similar case, so i want to share the solution

this problem happens since you have duplicated .jar files imported from different plugins

for vungle and google play services, they both have the same files as in the pic

  1. google-play-services.jar
    so i removed the ones imported by vungle
    Most importantly, you MUST restart Unity or it won’t work.

hope this helps!