Error cannot be an iterator block

So I ran into this error in my update function and I have no idea what it means, or what happened. It seemed to happen when I added my pause to my if statement. Here’s the error…

error CS1624: The body of redical.Update()' cannot be an iterator block because void’ is not an iterator interface type

Here’s my code

	void Update () {
		RaycastHit hit;
		float distance;
		float waitTime;

		waitTime = 3.0f;

		if (Physics.Raycast (new Ray (CameraFacing.transform.position, CameraFacing.transform.rotation * Vector3.forward), out hit)) {
			distance = hit.distance;
			if(hit.collider.gameObject.tag == "found"){ 
				yield return new WaitForSeconds (waitTime);
				if(hit.collider.gameObject.tag == "found"){
					foundObject = hit.collider.gameObject; 
		} else {
			distance = CameraFacing.farClipPlane * 0.95f;
		transform.position = CameraFacing.transform.position + CameraFacing.transform.rotation * Vector3.forward * distance;
		transform.LookAt (CameraFacing.transform.position);
		transform.Rotate (0.0f, 180.0f, 0.0f); 

The “yield return new WaitForSeconds (waitTime)” statement (line 11) is what’s causing the error. It should only be used inside iterator blocks (IEnumerator):