Error: "chanType.dimension == 0"

I’m getting wierd error:

chanType.dimension == 0
UnityEditor.WindowLayout:LoadWindowLayout(String, Boolean)

I can’t determine from where it comes from and what causes it. It only shows once, after Unity launch and after that only first line, chanType.dimension == 0, keeps shownig when hit game play. As error says, something with my custome editor window is wrong, but before unity 5, everything was fine. Project rebuild did not help. Any idea what is that?

I have discovered that cause of this error is Particle System component. When I removed it, error was no longer present.

Just noticed, that error start shows up, when in Particle System i choice Mesh Shape. I have procedurally generated, almost flat surface. Everything works fine. Particle is generated over whole mesh. Just this error.

I’ve had this happen to me twice recently.

I’ve found that if I use “Mesh” under Renderer->Render Mode I will get the “chanType.dimension == 0” error.

When I switch back to “Billboard” the error does not occur.

The mesh I was using is a quad exported from Max.

For the record, I got this error when I tried to use a Mesh that had colors set as vertex attributes.

I think it’s the ParticleSystemRenderer complaining about detecting Mesh data it will not use. Removing the mesh colors fixed the error.