Error check runs on Javascript of StreamingAssets

In Unity 2018.2.8 of MacOS 10.13.6 we are putting Javascript files in StreamingAssets.
Error checking runs on Javascript files and can not be compiled.
Is something wrong with the setting?

Thanks !!

Hello there,

If you intend to run that code in your project, you should NOT place it in the StreamingAssets folder.

More info here.

Hope that helps!



In Unity 2017, placing JavaScript in StreamingAssets does not cause problems…
Was the specification changed from the latest Unity?

I do not want to compile Javascript in StreamingAssets.
But if you put a JavaScript file in StreamingAssets, it will be compiled and it is in trouble.
Javascript is for reading with WebView inside Unity.

I had the same situation on Windows Unity 2018.2 with a project I upgraded. I fixed this by dragging the asset folder contents from the old project into a new 2018 project.