Error Code with Unity just sitting with a project open, what is it, how to fix?

The following is an error message that keeps scrolling in the error section of Unity when I have a scene opened. I do not have Unity Pro. I have a water feature but did not select Pro Water.

Material doesn't have a float or range property '_WaveScale' UnityEngine.Material:GetFloat(String) Water:Update() (at Assets/Standard Assets/Water (Pro Only)/Sources/Scripts/Water.cs:182)

Then the water won't move. A better solution would be to guess the values of waveScale and waveSpeed. I set replaced the lines as follows and it works nicely. Play with the values of waveSpeed to change the water speed and direction. Vector4 waveSpeed = new Vector4(50, 50, 100, 100);//X, Y, Z, W float waveScale = .01f;

The error is in the Water.cs (c# script) on the line 182. If you remove that file from your project it will work fine.


if(!mat.HasProperty("WaveSpeed") || !mat.HasProperty("_WaveScale")) return;

just before line

Vector4 waveSpeed = mat.GetVector("WaveSpeed");

Answer: input 100 for x and 5 for y in the corresponding fields for wave speed parameters.
Alternately (200,10) can also be used.

From what i can tell from this Example of syntax, for properties of water shader in the info guide here;


There seems to be some type of formula involved…
Even though i can’t really say what the algebraic formula is used to fix this prob, notice under wave scale .02 and .15 somehow equal .07 …only thing i came up with was 7.5 because .15/.02 = 7.5, i mistakenly thought that you simply divide the value of x by the value of Y. so, after reading the script used in actual water creation, in-game; i noticed the script seemed to be looking for a float time of 20.0f. 100/5 or 200/10 both work plugged into the x and y axis. the lager being the x factor. Make sure you clear the console before trying to play your new water. I got (100,5) and (200,10) to work, but no idea why lol.

Also you are changing the values that appear with x,y,z,w under the wave speed, not the values next to wavescale. only the ones under wave speed need changed.