ERROR - Could not find specified video device

I’m using Vuforia 7.1.34 (the newest edition when this question is asked) and Unity 2018.1.1f. I’m trying to make a simple AR game but whenever I press play the game screen turns black instead of turning on and get the video feed from the webcam on my laptop. I have an AR camera in the scene and deleted the normal camera. I have already gotten a license from the developer site at Vuforia and activated it and have already enabled Vuforia in the Unity project. I have been trying to fix this but I can’t find a solution. I’m using a Windows computer (Windows 10). The error that comes up whenever I try to test run or play the game, is this: ERROR - Could not find specified video device. Please help me! Thanks in advance.

@Thor_Breki I guess you have the latest windows update, if you do this is the fix to your problem:

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