ERROR CS 1525 Please help me!!

I was trying to put achievements in my steam game, but I found an error in the code that I can not solve.
Can someone please help me?
Here’s the code:
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.ComponentModel;
using Steamworks;

// This is a port of StatsAndAchievements.cpp from SpaceWar, the official Steamworks Example.
class SteamStatsAndAchievements : MonoBehaviour {
private enum Achievement : int {

private Achievement_t[] m_Achievements = new Achievement_t[] {
	new Achievement_t(Achievement.ONE_ACHIEVEMENT_1_0, "One", ""),

// Our GameID
private CGameID m_GameID;

// Did we get the stats from Steam?
private bool m_bRequestedStats;
private bool m_bStatsValid;

// Should we store stats this frame?
private bool m_bStoreStats;

// Current Stat details
private float m_flGameFeetTraveled;
private float m_ulTickCountGameStart;
private double m_flGameDurationSeconds;

// Persisted Stat details
private int m_nTotalGamesPlayed;
private int m_nTotalNumWins;
private int m_nTotalNumLosses;
private float m_flTotalFeetTraveled;
private float m_flMaxFeetTraveled;
private float m_flAverageSpeed;

protected Callback<UserStatsReceived_t> m_UserStatsReceived;
protected Callback<UserStatsStored_t> m_UserStatsStored;
protected Callback<UserAchievementStored_t> m_UserAchievementStored;

void OnEnable() {
	if (!SteamManager.Initialized)

	// Cache the GameID for use in the Callbacks
	m_GameID = new CGameID(SteamUtils.GetAppID(405801).ToString()));    <-------Here there is the error

	m_UserStatsReceived = Callback<UserStatsReceived_t>.Create(OnUserStatsReceived);
	m_UserStatsStored = Callback<UserStatsStored_t>.Create(OnUserStatsStored);
	m_UserAchievementStored = Callback<UserAchievementStored_t>.Create(OnAchievementStored);

	// These need to be reset to get the stats upon an Assembly reload in the Editor.
	m_bRequestedStats = false;
	m_bStatsValid = false;

private void Update() {
	if (!SteamManager.Initialized)

The error is: Assets/Steamworks.NET-Example-master/Assets/Scripts/SteamStatsAndAchievements.cs(48,79): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol )', expecting ;’

Help me please!

You have two many parenthesis when closing, remove one.


 m_GameID = new CGameID(SteamUtils.GetAppID(405801).ToString()));


 m_GameID = new CGameID(SteamUtils.GetAppID(405801).ToString());

Now this is all with the assumption that this is show the CGameID is constructed and excepts a string.