error CS0118 MPPlayer.PlayerManager is a field but a type was expected

I am making a FPS game and I get this error:
Assets/Script/MultiplayerManager.cs(187,16): error CS0118: MPPlayer.PlayerManager' is a field’ but a `type’ was expected

I am a little bit new in C# and i dont know much… actually I am also a little bit low on unity so I hope you guys can help me.
Here are the lines 181 - 191 As i saw on previously topics the error is on syntax but i cant locate where Im wrong.

public string PlayerName = “”;
public NetworkPlayer PlayerNetwork;
public int PlayerHealth = 100;
public PlayerManager PlayerManager;

public bool PlayerIsAlive;

public int PlayerKills;

public int PlayerDeaths;


public PlayerManger PlayerManager;

This is where your problem is, The first PlayerManager should be a type, and as far as I know unity does not include a type named PlayerManager.