error CS0122: `UnityEngine.Transform.Transform()' is inaccessible due to its protection level

I’ve been looking at people with the same issue and how they solved it but it’s not working for me. Here’s my code; do you think you can help me:
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;

public class CameraMouse : MonoBehaviour	{

	public float distance = 5.0f;
	public float xSensitivity = 5.0f;
	public float ySensitivity = 5.0f;
	public float xAngle = 0.0f;
	public float yAngle = 0.0f;
	public int target = new Transform();

	void LateUpdate ()
		// Only if there is a target
		if (target) {
			if (Input.GetMouseButton (1))

				// Update x, y angle with the mouse delta
				yAngle -= Input.GetAxis ("Mouse Y") * ySensitivity;

			if (Input.GetMouseButton (1))
				xAngle += Input.GetAxis ("Mouse X") * xSensitivity;

			yAngle = Mathf.Clamp (yAngle, 0, 90);

			// Initialize the position to be distance units along the z axis
			// away from the target
			transform.position = Vector3.forward * distance + target.position;

			// Initialize the rotation to look at the target
			transform.LookAt (target.position);

			// Rotate around the world up axis by the accumulated delta mouse x
			transform.RotateAround (target.position, Vector3.up, xAngle);

			// Rotate around our own right vector by the accumulated delta mouse y
			worldRight = transform.TransformDirection (Vector3.right);
			transform.RotateAround (target.position, worldRight, yAngle);


this line:

public int target = new Transform()

is the problem - you cannot make a new Transform of type int