Error cs1001, help!

First of all, what is an indicator??(probably a newbie question, because i am a newbie)
2nd, how can i fix it?
Here’s the code:

public class MenuUIHandler : MonoBehaviour
    public ColorPicker ColorPicker;
    private void Start()
        //this will call the NewColorSelected function when the color picker have a color button clicked.
        ColorPicker.onColorChanged += NewColorSelected;
        ColorPicker.(MainManager.Instance.TeamColor); <-- Problem is here

Thx! :wink:

can you share color picker code?
or can you link the asset your using?

You should never name a field identically to it’s type. This is a recipe for errors, bugs and confusion.

public ColorPicker colorPicker;

C# syntax for such call goes like this:
fieldOrClassName.MethodName( argument );

So your code line lacks a method name there:

colorPicker.—>here<—( MainManager.Instance.TeamColor );

@AlgorithmicKing yeah, I’m using the Junior programmer Pathway, and the code can be found in the “Manage scene flow and data” lesson. The thing is that I haven’t opened the project in about a week and i didnt have any problems with the same code, but i open it and i see this error. Maybe i saved incorrectly or something else, IDK. BTW sorry for the late reply