Error CS106

Hello everyone,

I encountered an error while following the bergzergarcade’s hack and slash tutorial (I noticed in at the beginning of 5/6 of player prefs, which is episode 31, but I’m sure it was around at the end of 30):

Assets/Scripts 1/GameSettings.cs(40,47): error CS1061: Type Vital' does not contain a definition for GetModifyingAttributesString’ and no extension method GetModifyingAttributesString' of type Vital’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Here are my Vitals and GameSettings and ModifiedStat scripts:

Game Settings: Game Settings GARMALAK -
Vital: public class Vital : ModifiedStat { private int _curValue; public Vital() -
ModifiedStat: ModifiedStat -

Thanks! I can’t move on till I solve this error.

I think the problem is a typo when you declared the method in the ‘ModifiedStat’ base class.
Notice the extra ‘i’ in GetModif-i-yingAttributeString, and the missing ‘s’ on attributes.

so edit your ModifiedStat.cs file by replacing…

public string GetModifiyingAttributeString() {


public string GetModifyingAttributesString() {