Error CS1061 Type UnityEngine.Camera doesn't contain a definition for...

Hi everybody!
I’m creating a project ( in unity 5 ) from an existing one.
Basically I have to show in a 3Dmonitor with an NVIDIA system, an object in 3D via 2 cameras and quadbuffers.
The existing script is :

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class StereoCamera_SingleMonitor : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject Screen;
public GameObject RightCameraPosition;
public GameObject LeftCameraPosition;

Matrix4x4 LeftMatrix = new Matrix4x4();
Matrix4x4 RightMatrix = new Matrix4x4();
Matrix4x4 LeftProjMat = new Matrix4x4();
Matrix4x4 RightProjMat = new Matrix4x4();

and this is where my problem is:

// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {
	AsymmetricFrustum (ref LeftMatrix, ref LeftProjMat, LeftCameraPosition);
	AsymmetricFrustum (ref RightMatrix, ref RightProjMat, RightCameraPosition);

	if (GetComponent<Camera>().stereoEnabled == true) {
		GetComponent<Camera>().SetStereoCameraTransforms (LeftMatrix, RightMatrix);   
		GetComponent<Camera>().SetStereoProjectionMatrices (LeftProjMat, RightProjMat);   

	else {}

When i’m trying to compile the file .exe unity says:
Error CS1061: Type UnityEngine.Camera doesn’t contain a definition for SetSteroCameraTransforms no extension method ‘SetSteroCameraTransforms’ of type ‘UnityEngine.Camera’ could be found

the same for SetProjectionMatrix.

The scripts was working until few weeks ago but now it doesn’t.

Does anybody knows why?
What can I do?

Thank you very much

Andrea :slight_smile:

I’ve found out that these methods don’t work in unity personal…They work in unity professional…
That’s why there aren’t any definition.