error CS1061

error CS1061: Type System.Collections.Generic.List' does not contain a definition for RandomObject’ and no extension method RandomObject' of type System.Collections.Generic.List’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

hi guys, please i want help , this script

// vp_AIHitscanBullet.cs
// © VisionPunk. All Rights Reserved.
// description: a script for hitscan projectiles. this script should be
// attached to a gameobject with a mesh to be used as the impact
// decal (bullet hole).

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;


public class vp_AIHitscanBullet : MonoBehaviour

public LayerMask HitMask = 1<<vp_Layer.LocalPlayer;	// layermask to check a hit against

// gameplay
public float Range = 100.0f;			// max travel distance of this type of bullet in meters
public float Force = 100.0f;			// force applied to any rigidbody hit by the bullet
public float Damage = 1.0f;				// the damage transmitted to target by the bullet
public string DamageMethodName = "Damage";	// user defined name of damage method on target
											// TIP: this can be used to apply different types of damage, i.e
											// magical, freezing, poison, electric

public float m_SparkFactor = 0.5f;		// chance of bullet impact generating a spark

// these gameobjects will all be spawned at the point and moment
// of impact. technically they could be anything, but their
// intended uses are as follows:
public GameObject m_ImpactPrefab = null;	// a flash or burst illustrating the shock of impact
public GameObject m_DustPrefab = null;		// evaporating dust / moisture from the hit material
public GameObject m_SparkPrefab = null;		// a quick spark, as if hitting stone or metal
public GameObject m_DebrisPrefab = null;	// pieces of material thrust out of the bullet hole and / or falling to the ground

// sound
protected AudioSource m_Audio = null;
public List<AudioClip> m_ImpactSounds = new List<AudioClip>();	// list of impact sounds to be randomly played
public Vector2 SoundImpactPitch = new Vector2(1.0f, 1.5f);	// random pitch range for impact sounds
public Transform ShooterTransform{get;set;}

public int [] NoDecalOnTheseLayers;

/// <summary>
/// everything happens in the Start method. the script that
/// spawns the bullet is responsible for setting its position 
/// and angle. after being instantiated, the bullet immediately
/// raycasts ahead for its full range, then snaps itself to
/// the surface of the first object hit. it then spawns a
/// number of particle effects and plays a random impact sound.
/// </summary>
void Start()

	Transform t = transform;
	m_Audio = audio;

	Ray ray = new Ray(t.position, transform.forward);
	RaycastHit hit;

	// raycast against all big, solid objects except the AI itself
	if (Physics.Raycast(ray, out hit, Range, HitMask))

		// NOTE: we can't bail out of this if-statement based on !collider.isTrigger,
		// because that would make bullets _disappear_ if they hit a trigger. to make a
		// trigger not interfere with bullets, put it in the layer: 'vp_Layer.Trigger'
		// (default: 27)

		// move this gameobject instance to the hit object
		Vector3 scale = t.localScale;	// save scale to handle scaled parent objects
		t.parent = hit.transform;
		t.localPosition = hit.transform.InverseTransformPoint(hit.point);
		t.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(hit.normal);					// face away from hit surface
		if (hit.transform.lossyScale ==								// if hit object has normal scale
			t.Rotate(Vector3.forward, Random.Range(0, 360), Space.Self);	// spin randomly
			// rotated child objects will get skewed if the parent object has been
			// unevenly scaled in the editor, so on scaled objects we don't support
			// spin, and we need to unparent, rescale and reparent the decal.
			t.parent = null;
			t.localScale = scale;
			t.parent = hit.transform;

		// if hit object has physics, add the bullet force to it
		Rigidbody body = hit.collider.attachedRigidbody;
		if (body != null && !body.isKinematic)
			body.AddForceAtPosition((ray.direction * Force) / Time.timeScale, hit.point);

		// spawn impact effect
		if (m_ImpactPrefab != null)
			Object.Instantiate(m_ImpactPrefab, t.position, t.rotation);

		// spawn dust effect
		if (m_DustPrefab != null)
			Object.Instantiate(m_DustPrefab, t.position, t.rotation);

		// spawn spark effect
		if (m_SparkPrefab != null)
			if (Random.value < m_SparkFactor)
				Object.Instantiate(m_SparkPrefab, t.position, t.rotation);

		// spawn debris particle fx
		if (m_DebrisPrefab != null)
			Object.Instantiate(m_DebrisPrefab, t.position, t.rotation);

		// play impact sound
		if (m_ImpactSounds.Count > 0)
			m_Audio.pitch = Random.Range(SoundImpactPitch.x, SoundImpactPitch.y) * Time.timeScale;

		// do damage on the target
		hit.collider.SendMessageUpwards(DamageMethodName, Damage, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

		// prevent adding decals to objects based on tag
		if (NoDecalOnTheseLayers.Length > 0)
			foreach (int layer in NoDecalOnTheseLayers)

				if (hit.transform.gameObject.layer != layer)



		// if bullet is visible (i.e. has a decal), cueue it for deletion later
		if (gameObject.renderer != null)
			vp_Timer.In(1, TryDestroy);		// we have no renderer, so destroy object in 1 sec

		Object.Destroy(gameObject);	// hit nothing, so self destruct immediately


/// <summary>
/// sees if the impact sound is still playing and, if not,
/// destroys the object. otherwise tries again in 1 sec
/// </summary>
private void TryDestroy()

	if (this == null)

	if (!m_Audio.isPlaying)
		vp_Timer.In(1, TryDestroy);



The error you get is self explanatory. List doesn’t have RandomObject() method. I’m almost 100% sure you’re missing another script which contains extension method for List.