Error CS1061

Hey Guys, I wanted to make an Player Controller for a 2D Plattformer. But i keep getting the CS 1061 Error. Here is my code: PlayerController.cs Error CS 1061 (Unity 5) -

Error is in the following lines; 33,45 and 35,27.

Full Error: Assets/Scripts/PlayerController.cs (xx,xx): Error CS1061: Type ´UnityEngine.Transform´ does not contain a definition of ´localScale´ and no extension method ´localeScale´ of type ´UnityEngine.Transform´ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I wonder why I can not make transform.localeScale, because I see on google and in a YouTube Video, where I typed the full correct code from this guy, that it worked

YouTube Video (german, you can see the code at 20:22): #4 Unity 2D Eigenen Character Controller und Spieler konfigurieren - Unity Tutorial - YouTube

It would be very helpfull if anybody could help me. Please dont laugh at my if I make any little mistake, because I’m new in Unity and C#

I believe the property name you are referring to is transform.localScale, and not localeScale
The error message is indicating it cannot find ‘localeScale’.

    public void Flip()
        lookingRight = !lookingRight;
        Vector3 myScale = transform.localScale;
        myScale.x*= -1;
        transform.localScale = myScale;

And, note, no one is here to criticize, we are all here to help one another. Welcome to Unity and to C#.