Error CS1525: Unexpected Symbol ')' on lines 13 and 14

I am pretty sure there is a simple fix that I cannont see. Here is my code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class FlyShip : MonoBehaviour {

ShipMove MoveScript;
MouseLook AimScript;

void  Update (){
	if (Input.GetKeyDown("f")){
				print ("Entering Ship");
				MoveScript = GameObject.Find("PlayerShip").GetComponent<"ShipMove">();
				AimScript = GameObject.Find("PlayerShip").GetComponent<"MouseLook">();
				MoveScript.enabled = !MoveScript.enabled;
				AimScript.enabled = !AimScript.enabled;


The part inside < and > is a class name, not a string. So you want:


And the same sort of change on the next line.

Also GameObject.Find can have some poor performance. They way you’re using it is probably fine since you only execute it when F is pressed, but since you’re calling it twice you can improve things a bit by getting a reference first and then using that reference to find the components.

// use Find once to get a reference to the ship object into the ship variable
GameObject ship = GameObject.Find("PlayerShip");

// use the ship variable to get the components
MoveScript = ship.GetComponent<ShipMove>();
AimScript = ship.GetComponent<MouseLook();

And so on

Remove the quotation marks to the GetComponent type, the text between < and >.

MoveScript = GameObject.Find("PlayerShip").GetComponent<ShipMove>();
AimScript = GameObject.Find("PlayerShip").GetComponent<MouseLook>();