error CS2015: Source file `Assets/Terror Game/first build_Data/Managed/Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll' is a binary file and not a text file

I went to build my game and it flipped out then spat out this error, ive put so much time into this, how can i fix it? :frowning:

Handle errors in order and not post the last one. The first one is the important one. A single error can cause several follow-up errors. As you can read in your first error the plugin you use (OVRPlugin) is a 32 bit DLL and you try to create a 64 bit build. The plugin need to match the architecture youโ€™re trying to build. So either try to build as a 32 bit application, or (as the error suggested) see if you can get a 64 bit version of that plugin.