error CS8025: Parsing error

Hello world !
I have parsing error here is my code :

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;


Thank you for your help

Sorry to sound harsh, but what you’ve written is essentially rubbish. Unity has a reputation for being a very accessible tool for people to get into games development, but you have to learn to program, and Unity Answers is here to answer specific technical questions concerning Unity development - not to teach you how to program.

In your 3 lines of code, you have the following errors:

Statements need to be terminated with a semicolon. C# methods need to be contained within a class. if conditions need to start with an if. Case sensitivity matters - there is no “loadlevel” method of the Application class - it’s “LoadLevel”. Conditions shouldn’t be terminated with a semicolon.

At the very least, check the method reference for GetKeyUp and LoadLevel, and please follow some basic programming tutorials.

Well… I would guess that its…

  • Input.getkey should be in an if statement
  • there’s no semicolon after (“scene1”)
  • you don’t even have a function decleration

And you need to tell us what format your using