Error CS8025?


im new to unity and scripting and i maded a script so that my flashlight goes down when i turn it off by pressing “f”.

But im getting an error… and i dont know what it is…
maybe its really simple but im new so yeah…

this is my script:

        void Start

	Transform.Y == 0.5
	Transform.Y = 1.0
	Transform.Y = 1.0

PS: sorry for bad english…

There are a number of problems with this script. By in large, they are basic programming issues, not Unity issues. Below is a quick rewrite that does approximately what I think you want.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Bug20 : MonoBehaviour {                                                                                     
	void Update() {
		    Vector3 v3 = transform.position;
	        if (Mathf.Approximately(transform.position.y,0.5f)) 
	    	    v3.y = 1.0f;
	        	v3.y = 0.5f;
		    transform.position = v3;