ERROR CSO246 is ruining my game!

using System;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityStandardAssets.CrossPlatformInput;
using UnityStandardAssets.Utility;
using Random = UnityEngine.Random;

namespace UnityStandardAssets.Characters.FirstPerson
    [RequireComponent(typeof (CharacterController))]
    [RequireComponent(typeof (AudioSource))]
    public class FirstPersonController : MonoBehaviour
        [SerializeField] private bool m_IsWalking;
        [SerializeField] private float m_WalkSpeed;
        [SerializeField] private float m_RunSpeed;
        [SerializeField] [Range(0f, 1f)] private float m_RunstepLenghten;
        [SerializeField] private float m_JumpSpeed;
        [SerializeField] private float m_StickToGroundForce;
        [SerializeField] private float m_GravityMultiplier;
        [SerializeField] private MouseLook m_MouseLook;
        [SerializeField] private bool m_UseFovKick;
        [SerializeField] private FOVKick m_FovKick = new FOVKick();
        [SerializeField] private bool m_UseHeadBob;
        [SerializeField] private CurveControlledBob m_HeadBob = new CurveControlledBob();
        [SerializeField] private LerpControlledBob m_JumpBob = new LerpControlledBob();
        [SerializeField] private float m_StepInterval;
        [SerializeField] private AudioClip[] m_FootstepSounds;    // an array of footstep sounds that will be randomly selected from.
        [SerializeField] private AudioClip m_JumpSound;           // the sound played when character leaves the ground.
        [SerializeField] private AudioClip m_LandSound;           // the sound played when character touches back on ground.
        public Animator anim;
        private Camera m_Camera;
        private bool m_Jump;
        private float m_YRotation;
        private Vector2 m_Input;
        private Vector3 m_MoveDir =;
        private CharacterController m_CharacterController;
        private CollisionFlags m_CollisionFlags;
        private bool m_PreviouslyGrounded;
        private Vector3 m_OriginalCameraPosition;
        private float m_StepCycle;
        private float m_NextStep;
        private bool m_Jumping;
        private AudioSource m_AudioSource;
        private bool fire = false;
        private bool reload = false;
        public AudioClip Clip_In;
        public AudioClip Clip_Out;
        public AudioClip Shoot;
        public AudioClip ooa;
        public AudioSource source;
        private float rtime = 0; //Reload Time

        private float wcool = 0; //Walking cooldown

        [Range(0.05f, 1f)]
        float shotCooldown = .3f;
        Transform firePosition;

      public ShotEffectsManager shotEffects; //This doesn't work :/

^^ This is the FirstPersonController script from unity, that I was doing a couple tweaks on.

using UnityEngine;

public class PlayerShooting : MonoBehaviour
    float shotCooldown = .3f;
    Transform firePosition;
    ShotEffectsManager shotEffects; //Works like a charm, BUT NO DIFFERENCE

    public AudioClip Out_of_ammo;

    public AudioSource source;

    float ellapsedTime;
    public float MaxAmmo = 24;
    float Ammo = 9999999;
    float volume = 1;

Instead of the namespace, there is no difference! I tried changing the namespace, nothing happened. Please help! I have been trying to get this working for 1.3 hours straight, and nothing.

Answer has been found! After hours of working, I realized that the whole time, they were in different paths. :confused:

For all of you encountering a problem with communicating to other scripts, and you cant find the answer, make sure to check for that.