Error "failed downloading /rsrc/unity/lib/sdk_6.0/canvasfacebook.dll" on Facebook canvas


In my game, I want to share a score on facebook wall. I configured everything on facebook application side.
Everything works fine in the Editor : after providing an access token, I can post via facebook.

But when I push the game on my server and play it on facebook, when it’s time to post the score I have this error in the page console :

failed downloading /rsrc/unity/lib/sdk_6.0/canvasfacebook.dll

And the game crashes.
I though Unity was embedding the facebook sdk, so why need to download it ?

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Every time I have seen this error it comes from running the Facebook SKD off of canvas. If you want to use their SDK on the web you have to use the Unity integration feature and run it on Facebook only.

Kind of sucks really, but that’s how it is.